mauro baldissera

mauro baldissera

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First Name * mauro
Last Name * baldissera
Username * leprinoxyz
Country * Italy
City feltre
Nationality italian
Languages EnglishItalian



Availability: Freelance


My name is Mauro Baldissera, I'm a 3D artist and my fields of work are commercials, video-clips, videogames and movies. More precisely I mainly model and animate characters of every kind. I've made lots of characters, humans and animals (including cloth, fur and hair simulations). My passion for character creation born many years ago, when I started reading mangas, every kind of comics and playing to the mythical Final Fantasy's saga. I've been able to realize one dream, which I had since I was a young kid, which was writing and making a videogame. And so it was, I and my always friend/colleague Andrea Gasparo, have written and realized DANGEROUS HEAVEN "The Legend of the Ark". We spent two years working really hard on it, but in the end we have been payed back, mostly in terms of personal satisfaction. Now I'm a freelance professional, I work for many clients, I travel wherever I'm needed to and I'm happy this way.

I cherish some hobbies, mainly music (I play the piano) and I've been doing capoeira and kung-fu for many years.


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